By Bob Sandrick, special to

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – On Tuesday night, City Council appointed Annmarie Roff, of Howe Road, and Kelly Kosek, of Coopers Run, to the vacant Ward 2 and Ward 3 council seats, respectively.

The vote was 5-0. None of the other 15 applicants were nominated. Immediately after the vote, Mayor Thomas Perciak administered the oath of office to Roff and Kosek.

“This wasn’t necessarily the way I expected it to turn out,” said Kosek, 40, who unsuccessfully ran for an at-large council seat in November. “But I’m really excited to get on council and do the work that’s going to make the city better and make all of you proud.”

Roff, who showed emotion during her swearing in, thanked everyone who applied for the Ward 2 and Ward 3 seats.

“The more applicants and more people we have involved, the better it is for all of us in Strongsville,” Roff, 50, told the audience Tuesday night. “I will do everything I can at all times to make my family proud and my ward proud.”

Council’s selection of Roff and Kosek was no surprise. Erin Sullivan Lally, a Ward 2 applicant, previously stated that Councilman Matt Schonhut called her Jan. 7 and said that Roff would win the Ward 2 appointment.

Ward 3 applicant Tim Zvoncheck has said that Councilman Jim Carbone called Jan. 7 and told him that council would appoint Kosek to the Ward 3 position. The calls to Lally and Zvoncheck generated controversy over when, where and under what conditions council made their appointment decisions.