By Bob Sandrick, special to

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – At least one applicant to two vacant City Council seats has dropped out of the running, in wake of controversy over council’s attempt to fill those positions.

Logan Fahey, a Howe Road resident who had applied for the Ward 2 council position, said he respects Strongsville council and wishes it luck in finding a suitable Ward 2 representative, in a letter to council and a comment to

“However, there seems to be a great deal of ‘behind-closed-doors’ meetings/deals, with little to no transparency, that concern me,” Fahey said in a statement to after he withdrew his application.

Last week, city officials announced that council would start the process of filling the vacant Ward 2 and Ward 3 seats all over again. This was after some of the 18 applicants to those positions said that council violated state Sunshine Law.

Some applicants said council contacted them earlier this month and told them they had not been selected for the Ward 2 and Ward 3 jobs. The problem was that until then, council had met only in private, executive sessions to discuss the applicants. Ohio Sunshine Law prohibits any official action or vote in executive session.

Further, Erin Sullivan Lally, who had also applied for the Ward 2 seat, said that two of the five remaining council members – Michael Daymut and Gordon Short – had been left out of the selection process. She said Councilmen Jim Carbone, Joe DeMio and Matt Schonhut chose the winning Ward 2 and Ward 3 applicants, who reportedly were Annmarie Roff and Kelly Kosek, respectively.